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In today’s professional landscape, businesses large and small embrace coworking spaces as hubs for collaboration and driving the entrepreneurial spirit. Featuring expansive open areas and stylish interiors, these communal workspaces have become a hotspot for hosting corporate events and gatherings. Whether you’re an executive seeking a new go-to spot for quarterly team-building or an entrepreneur hoping to make a solid first impression among peers, allow us to walk you through four coworking space event ideas for surefire success.

At Strive Workspaces, event planning is more than just logistics; it is the art of building relationships, driving engagement, and sparking innovation across teams and industries.

Lunch and Learn: Refine Your Skills

Some of the more regular events businesses host are typically centered around education and training.

In the corporate world, a “lunch and learn” is an informal training session that is held during employee lunch breaks, where teams gather together to learn new skills for both personal and professional development.

The sessions are typically brief and often feature an expert either from within the company or from a partner firm to share insight on a specific subject.

Hosting a successful “Lunch and Learn” at a coworking space involves careful planning and consideration of your business goals.

If you choose to host the event at a coworking space, you can start by choosing a relevant topic that aligns with the professional development of your business, your team, and the goals of the coworking community. Once you’ve made your selection, secure a knowledgeable speaker who can present valuable insights in a clear and engaging manner.

Additionally, coordinate with the coworking space management to ensure that the event logistics, setup, equipment, and meal catering are accounted for.

As for the session itself, it is a good idea to encourage active collaboration through things like Q&A sessions and roundtable discussions.

Finally, after the event, it is important to gather feedback from both attendees and the coworking staff to ensure that lunch and learns continue to improve and remain a valuable part of the corporate coworking experience.

Demo Day: Showcase Talent

A “demo day” for a company is a gathering where startups, entrepreneurs, or businesses present their products and innovations to potential investors, clients, partners, and the wider business community.

Demo days are particularly popular in the world of small startups, providing a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and demonstrate the value of their services in a concise and impactful format.

Coworking spaces are a great place to host demo days for building connections

The benefits of a demo day run the gamut. Firstly, it gives startups the chance to catch the eye of investors. They have the opportunity to show off big business ideas, the moving parts, their progress so far, and concrete plans they have for the future.

Secondly, it serves as a solid springboard for networking, building connections between fellow small startups as potential collaborators. Additionally, demo days elevate the overall visibility of the companies involved, helping them each gain recognition within the industry and among potential stakeholders.

To make a demo day successful, careful planning and execution are key. If you choose to host your demo day at a local coworking space, be sure to contact the workspace in advance and inquire about help with set-up and advertising to maximize your turnout and make connections with coworking space members.

It is important to leverage the resources of the coworking space. Be sure to ask the staff about promoting the event through multiple mediums, such as digital news platforms, community bulletin boards, social media, and flyers posted throughout the space.

Finally, follow up and stay engaged after the event to make the most of the new connections and keep the momentum going for everyone featured.

Networking Mixer: Make Connections

A corporate networking mixer is a planned get-together where you’ll find employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders gathering in a laid-back atmosphere. The goal? To boost professional connections, exchange ideas, build resources, and grow career networks.

Hosting a networking mixer at a coworking space is a great idea for building community

These mixers usually happen away from the traditional office scene and without the same parameters, in an effort to spark more open discussions and teamwork between people inside and outside the company.

So what are the benefits? For employees, these events provide opportunities to connect with colleagues from different departments, share experiences, and find a renewed sense of camaraderie.

Networking mixers also allow employees from all levels to interact with executives in a more informal setting, which can create mentorship opportunities and career advancement. From a company perspective, these events contribute to a positive workplace culture where knowledge and information are generously exchanged and loyalties are strengthened.

To host a successful corporate networking mixer, careful planning and attention to detail are key. First, it is important to choose a comfortable and accessible venue to maximize the number of guests and to ensure operations run smoothly.

The expansive open areas in coworking spaces are perfect for events of this type, as they are typically set up with networking in mind. Additionally, workspace staff can help with planning, catering, management, and overall ambiance to ensure your event is enjoyable for all.

Lastly, it is important to promote the event well in advance and encourage attendees to bring business cards. Follow up after the event with thank-you notes and opportunities for engagement to maximize the impact of your new connections.

Happy Hour: Relax and Unwind

Lastly, but certainly not least, the event we’ve all waited for time and again: Happy Hour.

A corporate happy hour is a social gathering typically hosted outside of regular working hours, often at a local bar, restaurant, or even in a coworking event space. This coworking space event idea is to give employees a relaxed and enjoyable environment to unwind, socialize, and build deeper connections with colleagues. These events are typically informal, providing a break from the traditional workplace monotony.

Image features client using the beer tap at a coworking space.

Having a corporate happy hour comes with many perks that make everyone on the team feel appreciated and seen, boosting overall morale and providing a better sense of “team spirit.” These events help everyone become closer, breaking down the walls of hierarchy and opening lines of communication.

To throw a great corporate happy hour, think about picking a spot that’s easy for everyone to get to, offering a mix of delicious refreshments, and considering adding in some team-building activities.

Taking the time and effort to host a corporate happy hour is likely to make employees feel at home within the company. When coworkers enjoy each other and feel appreciated by their leaders and colleagues, it tends to make everyone more enthusiastic about their jobs, which leads to higher productivity and better staff retention.

Planning an Event? Check out our Partner Locations!

No matter your business size or type, hosting an event at a coworking space is a great way to bring your team together, build community, and create valuable industry connections.

Follow these coworking space event ideas to ensure your event is well-planned and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. When you take the time to gather the right resources and pay attention to detail, you create a memorable experience that elevates your business tenfold.

If you’re looking to host an event of your own, book a tour today at one of our managed locations to see which space can best help you bring your ideas to life!

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