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Professional Private Offices in Addison, Texas

Our Preston Grove office space, located at 15150 Preston Rd Suite 300 Dallas, TX 75248 is mere minutes away from Addison Circle in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Preston Grove is a quaint residential area close to the Galleria Mall, offering plenty of opportunities for employees to enjoy their breaks. Its spaces comprise fully furnished offices and large windows that let natural light in during beautiful sunny days. We provide private office rooms, conference rooms, and a community kitchen, enabling your employees to collaborate efficiently.

Preston Grove

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I personalize my office?

We take pride in the fact that our members can make their private offices their own. Feel free to move around desks, bring in soft seating furniture, throw in accents like rugs or lamps, or hang photos on the wall. We even offer painting services to make the office completely your own.

What is the internet speed?

We know getting work done and getting it done quickly is a necessary step for all business owners. That is why we currently offer up to 500 megabits per second of speed (and can even offer more if needed). The high-speed internet access allows our customers to enjoy enhanced videoconferencing capabilities and quick online data access.

What amenities does your center offer?

Our center offers all the amenities you need including unlimited coffee, water, tea, and access to a community kitchen. This allows you and your team to enjoy refreshments and increased comfort while you work. We offer spacious meeting rooms in your shared office space for your team to collaborate and discuss information. Another amenity we offer is high-quality reception/concierge services.

Is there free internet?

There is free, fast, and secure Wi-Fi for all members and visitors. Our reliable internet access allows businesses to work productively without worrying about delays or slow loading times. Upload or view online information quickly and easily with our high-speed internet.

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