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We are thrilled to introduce GLYDR, an innovative gaming hardware startup based in Plano, TX. GLYDR is revolutionizing the gaming industry with their groundbreaking product: the first precision, multi-action foot controller. Designed with seated gamers in mind, this cutting-edge device allows players to utilize their feet in tandem with their hands, enhancing gameplay performance and providing a competitive edge.

Join us and co-owner Rick Tett in learning about GLYDR’s remarkable contribution to the gaming community as they continue to innovate and inspire. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


Tell us a little about GLYDR.

GLYDR is a gaming hardware startup based in Plano, TX, founded in 2023 by Rick Tett, Peter Bartnik, and John Warren. We’re creating the first precision, multi-action foot controller – allowing seated gamers to use their feet with their hands to achieve better performance. Our mission is to give the billions of video game players around the world the option to include their feet in a totally unique way to improve performance and to give the hands a break when the feet can do the job. The device also has a future in VR, telerobotics, stroke therapy, and DVT prevention.

GLYDR is a uniquely designed controller that takes advantage of the natural flexing of the feet. It sits on the floor in front of a seated user, with one foot resting on top of each flat foot plate. Each foot can tilt independently, either heel down or toe down, and the degree to which it is tilted drives a proprietary algorithm that produces the input. It is unlike any previous foot device for human-computer input. It prioritizes ergonomics and utilizes natural foot movements. The two-wheel hoverboard, which can move forward, backward, pivot, or stand still by making small movements with each foot, served as inspiration for the idea.

What games is GLYDR compatible with?

GLYDR is currently compatible with most of the over 30,000 PC games on Steam. We intend to expand support to console and mobile games soon. A fast processor constantly reads sensors and compares both tilt angles to rapidly generate the desired input. That can be a key or key combination, a mouse movement, a mouse button, or a gamepad control. It’s possible to move around in Fortnite, build walls in PalWorld, or juke and spin in Madden. Users choose the configuration that best helps them play their game.  Springs return the footplates to the neutral position when neither the heel nor toe is pressed down. The movements and positions of the user’s feet can be mapped in a variety of ways that go way beyond the simple switches and sim pedals. In its hoverboard-inspired configuration, it can actually replace a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and gearshift! And with the sole flaps, it can move an avatar in all directions!

What led you to start GLYDR?

A few years ago, I was on the board of a science museum, helping come up with ideas for exhibits. That led me to attend a talk about Virtual Reality here at UTD, where I learned about the problem of moving around in a virtual world without walking around. The morning after the talk, I woke up thinking about the way my nephew would glide around on his hoverboard, and the idea for Glydr struck! I’ve been told it’s brilliant more times than I can count and many people are as surprised as I was that it didn’t already exist! Now, I feel an obligation to bring this product to the world while none of the major game peripheral companies will take the risk. And my cofounders and I don’t mind making a fortune for us and our investors!

What sets your business apart from your competitors?

The makers of game input devices are stuck in a mental rut. As games have evolved, the hands and fingers have max’d out! Game peripheral makers’ “innovative” response has been to add more buttons to mice and attach paddles to the backside of gamepads. With increasing frequency, gamers are suffering from hand fatigue and strain injuries as they contort their fingers repetitively to keep up with more complicated games. Not to mention the lag when having to move their hands from one key or button to another. Imagine if the makers of cars, drum sets, and sewing machines had never thought of including foot controls when using their products. Consider whether you would be willing to drive your car for hours with your thumbs and fingers on a game controller—or worse yet, with a keyboard and mouse. If only gamers could use their feet to help! Except for racing and flight simulation pedals, there’s been no suitable option for gamers to use their feet to help them. The single, dual, and quad foot buttons you can find on Amazon are probably better than nothing but can help, but only to a limited degree.

What is something you wish you’d known when you were just starting your business?

I was a bit overconfident and even naïve about what it takes to bring a breakthrough product to market and what it would take to find cofounders. I am actually glad I didn’t know what I would invest in my patents and prototypes before starting to see success because I might not have had the guts to do it. Glydr has the potential to sell billions of dollars of game controllers, and the Strive community will be one of those who helped us get started.

How do you navigate your work-life balance?

I am passionate about my mission to introduce GLYDR to the world, and the work of an entrepreneur never ceases, but I always eat dinner with my wife, and we go out with friends often, as well as to musicals. I have young grandchildren, and I will drop what I am doing to hang out with them. And I play tennis whenever I get the chance. I hope to fit in performing in some musicals in the future.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The best part is when I explain GLYDR and how it works and hear the response “That’s brilliant!”. I love meeting new people and learning about their interests and backgrounds.

If you had a friend in town, and you could take them to one of your favorite restaurants or spots in your community, where would you take them to?

Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke is my favorite for baby back ribs and other smoked meats.


We would like to thank GLYDR for being a part of our Member Spotlight series! To learn more, visit

If you are interested in being a part of this series, please speak to your community manager.

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