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Are you an entrepreneur looking for a place to start your business? Or maybe you’re an established company looking to upgrade to a private space? Strive Workspaces offers resources for entrepreneurs in Plano at every stage. From virtual addresses to executive suites, we have everything you need to advance your business.

For start-ups, coworking spaces are a game-changer. Not only do they offer affordable and flexible office space, but the collaborative environment provides opportunities to network and learn from professionals across any industry.

But let’s say you’re a seasoned business owner; what can we do for you? Even established companies can benefit from the top-rated amenities we provide. With access to a customizable space, premium meeting rooms, and a network of like-minded professionals, we allow companies to focus on what matters most: growing their business.

Join us as we explore the many ways we help successful entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level!

Setting the Foundation: A Virtual Address Package

Starting with the most basic and affordable package you can purchase at Strive, we have the virtual address package, also known to some as a professional address package.

Start-ups often use virtual addresses because they are easy to set up, affordable, and provide a verifiable Google address. This allows them to establish a professional image and create a sense of legitimacy without having to invest in a physical office space.

Additionally, virtual addresses can provide access to additional services such as mail forwarding and a business phone number, which can help start-ups manage their operations more efficiently.

With over 250 virtual office members in the Plano area, Strive Workspaces helps streamline operations and administrative support for businesses and start-ups from all industries. From IT consulting to financial advising, we tailor our services to the unique needs of each client and their goals.

The Transition to an Affordable Workspace

A start-up may need to expand from a virtual office to a physical space for several reasons. One of the primary reasons is the need for a physical presence to meet with clients, partners, and investors.

A physical space can also provide a dedicated workspace for the team, which helps to promote collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Additionally, it can also provide opportunities for networking and building relationships with other businesses in the area.

When you find yourself taking that step from a professional address to a physical workspace, trying to find the ideal space for your budget may seem impossible. When it comes to choosing a workspace, businesses and professionals have a wide range of options in terms of cost and flexibility.

At Strive Workspaces, our in-office memberships include:

  • Private office (starting at $450/mo): This membership is a great option for individuals or teams who need a private, dedicated, and customizable workspace. With an office membership, members get access to a fully furnished, private office that they can personalize to their liking.
  • Coworking (starting at $95/mo): This membership is great for the flexibility it offers. Clients can typically choose between part-time or full-time access, and they can use the open space on a come-and-go basis. This option is ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers who need an affordable workspace and access to high-speed internet.
  • Day Office Package (starting at $10/hour): With an 8-day or 16-day per month option, this membership grants clients the freedom to choose when they need a private workspace without committing to a full-term private office agreement.
  • Conference Room Package (starting at $20/hour): Similar to the day office package, the conference room membership is a cost-effective solution for those who only need a professional meeting space a few times throughout the month.

Whenever we sign on a new client, one of the first things we make sure they understand is the scalability of our products and services.

One of the most rewarding parts of providing a seamless upgrading process is being able to witness a business grow from a start-up to a full-scale team of professionals and getting to know people along the way.

Of course, there is no single path for a business to take, and the transition from a virtual address to a physical office space can take many forms and timelines. We’ve seen people graduate from a virtual office after two months, while others may take the step two years into their journey. No matter what pace a business moves at, we are here to make the growth process as seamless and exciting as possible.

Administrative Assistance: Streamlining Operations

In addition to affordable workspace and practical scalability, Strive also provides streamlined administrative assistance according to your unique business needs.

No matter which membership you choose, being a member of Strive Workspaces grants you access to standard administrative services, including guest reception services, mail services, printing, scanning, e-faxing, free notary service, and other administrative needs upon request. Strive staff also handles meeting room bookings, prepares meeting spaces, and addresses specific client requests with diligence.

Member of coworking space receiving mail

We understand that every business has unique administrative needs. Considering this, we provide additional customized services to ensure that our members get the support they need.

Every in-office membership at Strive comes with mail receiving and package handling, but clients can add additional services to their agreement at any time. We’re always open to communication and will work with you to make necessary changes. Our staff is available to you via phone and email and can easily communicate with our internal team through a real-time project management system.

With our customizable administrative services, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the rest!

Networking Opportunities: Fostering Collaboration

Now that you have an idea of the tangible services we offer, it’s time to explore the reasons why growing your business as part of a larger community is so beneficial. At Strive Workspaces, the importance of networking and community cannot be overstated.

One of the ways we focus on client relationship-building is by hosting formal networking events and professional workshops.

These are typically client-focused events: demo days, informational sessions, networking mixers, and lunch and learns. Clients at Strive are welcome to host their own informational sessions for their businesses within our centers, whether it be an organized lunch-and-learn or just a “come as you please” presentation session.

Professionals networking in a coworking space.

No matter the vision a client has for their event, we are eager to help elevate the process by providing marketing material such as blogs, newsletters, community announcements, flyers, social media posts, or whatever else the client may need to get the word out.

What is our goal? To ensure we are helping our clients build long-lasting professional relationships that put their business on a path to success even after they’ve moved on from the community.

Reach New Heights with Strive Workspaces

At Strive Workspaces, we help clients collaborate and thrive by providing a platform to connect with like-minded professionals and expand their network.

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, our coworking space offers the flexibility and resources your business needs to succeed. We look forward to supporting you and your business on your journey to success!

If you are interested in checking out our spaces, don’t hesitate to book a tour at one of our managed locations by e-mailing

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