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Shared office space is a flexible option for workers and companies needing a versatile and scalable workspace solution. It allows businesses to accommodate fluctuations in team size or project-based work without making a substantial commitment. At Strive Workspaces, we provide short-term leases for coworking and executive office spaces. Here is more information about shared offices and their benefits:

What Is Shared Office Space? 

Office sharing allows companies with remote workers or redundant office space to share workstations or offices with other companies. The space is owned and operated by a third-party company that handles the scheduling and maintenance. Shared office space may also be known as coworking, collective workspace, satellite office, and flexible office space.

How Does Coworking Operate? 

Coworking spaces can be organized in several ways, usually to fit the needs of different types of individual workers and teams. Open-space workplaces, cubicles, private offices, and meeting rooms are all possibilities. Some spaces also feature kitchens and lounge areas. 

Each shared office space has its own membership options. Many offer flexible plans with access to all amenities or rooms for a set period or number of days. Teams that need a larger meeting room for a short time might find an hourly or day pass option is the best fit. Remote working individuals or freelancers who need a professional space to meet clients can benefit from a monthly membership.

Who Can Use Flexible Office Space? 

There are no set rules on who can use a coworking office space. The open, temporary nature of the space suits anyone who needs flexibility over their schedule or type of workstation. Coworking is beneficial for workers of different backgrounds, including: 

  • Freelancers or digital nomads. Long hours working from the couch, kitchen table, or bedroom aren’t sustainable for every type of freelancer. Utilizing a shared workspace allows these individuals to network and take meetings in a quiet, professional environment.
  • Entrepreneurs. Renting an office isn’t an option for some new entrepreneurs and may not be something they need to use daily. Choosing a flexible workspace still provides a place to do business, with the added benefit of networking opportunities.
  • Consultants. Some consultants conduct their business over the phone or online. They may need a quiet, professional environment to build their business. Shared offices provide this and the flexibility to reserve the space only when needed.
  • Small teams or businesses. Teams or companies with few employees benefit from having all the amenities of an office space without the contracts. Flexible offices can grow or shrink with a team instead of being locked into a layout or square footage.
  • Remote workers or teams. As remote workers become commonplace, some require a dedicated workspace to take video calls. They may also need a place separate from the home office to focus on a project. 
  • Work-from-anywhere employees. Some remote workers don’t stay in one place, and coworking spaces allow these employees to have a consistent, professional experience regardless of their geographical location.

Finding Shared Office Space

Shared offices suit small businesses or workers who seek networking opportunities and flexible schedules. They offer a professional environment that allows individuals to focus and boost their productivity. Research the amenities, location, internet speed, and security of a coworking space when making a decision. Strive Workspaces offers offices and conference rooms with membership or day pass options. We provide our members with high-speed internet, ergonomic furniture, and other necessary amenities. Contact us today to learn more.

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