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Welcome to our Member Spotlight series, where we showcase the amazing individuals and companies that are part of our community. Today, we are excited to introduce Jenni Steck Voice and Speech Services

Jenni is a licensed speech pathologist and highly skilled voice coach and mentor. With her wide range of skills and diverse background, she works dutifully to help clients overcome various communication obstacles and is equally skilled in mentoring her coaches to do the same.
So now, join us in giving Jenni the spotlight so we can learn more about how her work positively impacts her clients, her colleagues, and her community at large.

Tell us a little about Jenni Steck Voice and Speech Services.

Jenni Steck Voice and Speech Services (JSVS) is a premier provider of one-on-one voice and speech coaching, catering to professionals who heavily rely on their voices for success in various fields, including corporate leaders, executives, lawyers, teachers, and salespeople. The core mission of JSVS is to enhance both career opportunities and vocal health through personalized coaching sessions.

The business goes beyond individual coaching by offering comprehensive corporate training for teams and departments. These training programs are designed to empower team leads, managerial staff, sales teams, and customer service departments to enhance communication skills and foster collaboration. By improving overall communication within a corporate setting, JSVS aims to elevate customer relations and team dynamics.

One distinctive feature of JSVS is its English pronunciation training, commonly known as accent reduction coaching. This specialized coaching helps individuals with accents speak English with greater clarity and confidence. This not only aids in effective communication but also boosts self-assurance in professional and social settings.

Additionally, the services extend to assisting public figures in the crafting and delivery of speeches for various engagements, special events, and public appearances. Through expert guidance, clients can refine their speaking skills, ensuring impactful and memorable presentations.

JSVS provides flexibility by conducting private sessions either in-person, on-site, or off-site, and also offers online coaching sessions via the widely used video conferencing platform, Zoom. This flexibility allows clients to access the coaching services conveniently, regardless of their location.

In essence, Jenni Steck Voice and Speech Services stands out as a comprehensive solution for professionals seeking to refine their vocal skills, improve communication within their teams, and elevate their overall professional presence.


I embarked on my journey as a voice and speech coach, driven by my background in performance and curiosity about the anatomy and physiology of speech and vocal health. With a foundation as a highly trained voice and speech coach for actors and performers, I transitioned seamlessly into becoming a licensed speech-language pathologist.

The unique blend of performance expertise and medical training in speech therapy equips me to be an exceptionally effective coach and mentor. This dual perspective enables me to successfully guide a wide range of clients through overcoming communication challenges. Not only do I excel at coaching individuals, but I also mentor fellow coaches to achieve the same level of proficiency.

Having honed my skills in collaboration with laryngologists at UT Southwestern, I have demonstrated a keen understanding of vocal health. My extensive experience includes coaching actors, broadcasters, and sports anchors nationwide to embody dynamic and authentic deliveries. Furthermore, I have played a pivotal role in training business professionals, imparting the clarity and confidence necessary for career advancement.

My decision to become a voice and speech coach was grounded in my passion for blending artistic expression with scientific knowledge. This unique combination has positioned Jenni Steck Voice & Speech Services as a sought-after professional in the field, making a significant impact on the vocal health and communication skills of a diverse range of clients.

Jenni Steck Voice and Speech Services distinguishes itself in the competitive landscape through a combination of unique attributes and a customized approach to voice and speech coaching. Here are several key factors that set the business apart from its competitors:

  • Diverse Background and Expertise: Jenni’s background as a licensed speech-language pathologist and a highly trained voice and speech coach for actors provides a multifaceted approach to coaching. This dual expertise allows her to address both the artistic and medical aspects of effective communication.
  • Comprehensive Services: The business offers a comprehensive range of services, including one-on-one coaching for professionals, corporate training for teams, English pronunciation training, and assistance with speech composition for public figures. This broad spectrum of offerings caters to various needs within the realm of voice and speech improvement.
  • Corporate Training Focus: JSVS places a strong emphasis on corporate training programs, aiming to enhance communication skills and collaboration within businesses. This focus sets it apart as a valuable resource for organizations looking to improve team dynamics and customer relations through effective communication.
  • Accent Reduction Coaching: The inclusion of English pronunciation training, commonly known as accent reduction coaching, is a specialized service that distinguishes the business. This offering addresses a specific need for individuals looking to improve clarity and confidence in their English communication skills.
  • A blend of Artistic and Medical Insight: Jenni’s ability to seamlessly integrate her performance background with medical training provides a unique perspective. This blend allows for a more nuanced understanding of vocal health and effective communication, setting the services apart in terms of both artistry and scientific precision.
  • Flexible Coaching Options: With the flexibility to conduct sessions in-person, on-site, off-site, and online through platforms like Zoom, the business accommodates various preferences and geographical locations. This flexibility enhances accessibility for clients seeking personalized coaching.

In essence, JSVS stands out by offering a diverse set of services, combining artistic and medical insights, and maintaining a strong focus on corporate training. These factors collectively position the business as a leader in the field, providing clients with a comprehensive and tailored approach to voice and speech improvement.

When reflecting on the early stages of founding Jenni Steck Voice and Speech Services, Jenni wishes she had recognized the significance of building a robust network and fostering connections within the industry and beyond.

Establishing a network not only opens doors to potential clients but also creates opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and continuous learning. In the field of voice and speech coaching, where nuances in communication and diverse client needs abound, connecting with professionals and experts can provide valuable perspectives and support.

Additionally, a strong network across industries can be instrumental in staying abreast of trends, innovations, and best practices. It can serve as a source of inspiration, helping the business evolve and adapt to changing demands. Networking also provides a platform for collaboration with other professionals, enabling the sharing of knowledge and expanding the range of services offered.

Building these connections not only enriches the business but also contributes to the overall development of the voice and speech coaching profession.

How do you navigate your work-life balance?

Navigating work-life balance is a crucial aspect of maintaining well-being and sustaining long-term success. Here are some strategies employed by Jenni Steck to navigate the delicate balance between work and personal life:

  • Establish Clear Boundaries: Setting clear boundaries between work and personal life is essential. Jenni ensures that specific hours are dedicated to work tasks while safeguarding designated time for personal and family activities. This distinction helps prevent work from encroaching on personal time.
  • Prioritize Tasks: Prioritizing tasks and responsibilities is key to managing time effectively. Jenni identifies critical tasks that require immediate attention and allocates time accordingly. This ensures that essential work is completed without compromising personal commitments.
  • Effective Time Management: Implementing effective time management techniques is vital. This includes creating daily schedules, setting realistic goals, and allocating time for breaks. By optimizing work hours, Jenni maximizes productivity, leaving room for personal pursuits.
  • Learn to Delegate: Recognizing the importance of delegation is crucial to maintaining balance. Jenni delegates tasks when possible, whether within the business or at home. This allows for a more equitable distribution of responsibilities, reducing the overall workload.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Focusing on the quality of work rather than the quantity of hours spent working is a guiding principle. Jenni emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness in her work, allowing for more meaningful contributions within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Communication and Flexibility: Open communication with clients, colleagues, and family members is essential. Jenni communicates her availability and expectations, fostering understanding and support. Being flexible when unexpected situations arise ensures adaptability in both work and personal spheres.
  • Set Realistic Expectations: Setting realistic expectations for oneself is a crucial aspect of maintaining balance. Jenni acknowledges her limits and avoids overcommitting, ensuring that the workload remains manageable and achievable.
  • Technology Detox: Recognizing the importance of disconnecting from technology is vital. Jenni incorporates periods of technology detox to recharge, fostering a healthier relationship with work and personal life.
  • Regular Evaluation and Adjustment: Work-life balance is dynamic and requires regular evaluation. Jenni periodically assesses her strategies, making adjustments as needed to align with evolving priorities and circumstances.

By incorporating these strategies, Jenni Steck effectively navigates her work-life balance, ensuring that both professional and personal aspects thrive in harmony.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

For Jenni Steck, the most rewarding aspect of her role as a voice and speech coach is witnessing the transformative impact her guidance has on her clients. The joy comes from observing individuals grow in confidence, communication skills, and overall professional presence.

The gratification lies in helping professionals unlock their full vocal potential, whether it’s a corporate leader delivering a compelling presentation, an actor embodying a character with authenticity, or an individual refining their English pronunciation for clearer communication. Witnessing clients achieve their goals and overcome communication challenges fosters a sense of fulfillment and purpose in her work.

Moreover, the personal connections formed during the coaching journey contribute to the reward. Building rapport with clients and being a part of their professional development journey creates a sense of shared success and accomplishment.

In essence, the most rewarding part of Jenni Steck’s job is the tangible positive impact she makes on the lives and careers of her clients, coupled with the joy of fostering genuine connections through the art and science of effective communication.

How has being a part of the Preston Grove community affected you and your business?

As a member of the Preston Grove office community, Jenni Steck Voice and Speech Services has experienced several positive effects on both personal and business fronts. Being part of a collaborative workspace like Preston Grove has offered numerous benefits, including:

  • Networking Opportunities: The community setting has facilitated valuable networking opportunities. Interacting with professionals from diverse backgrounds has opened doors to potential collaborations, partnerships, and referrals, contributing to the growth of Jenni Steck’s business.
  • Supportive Environment: The supportive atmosphere of the Preston Grove community has provided a sense of camaraderie. Sharing experiences and challenges with fellow professionals has created a supportive network, offering insights and encouragement during both highs and lows in the business journey.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Being part of a community provides increased visibility for the business. Whether through shared events, collaborations, or simply by word of mouth within the community, this exposure helps attract potential clients and strengthens the overall presence of JSVS.
  • Access to Resources: The community setting often provides access to shared resources and amenities, reducing operational costs. This efficiency allows Jenni to allocate resources strategically, contributing to the overall sustainability and success of the business.
  • Community Events and Engagement: Participating in community events has likely contributed to brand visibility and community engagement. These activities not only benefit the business directly but also demonstrate a commitment to the local professional community.

In summary, being part of the Preston Grove office community has positively impacted Jenni Steck Voice and Speech Services by providing a supportive, collaborative, and resourceful environment. The connections and opportunities cultivated within the community have played a crucial role in the growth and success of the business.


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To get in touch with Jenni and her team of coaches, visit

We would like to thank Jenni Steck for being a part of our Member Spotlight series! If you are a member of Strive Workspaces and interested in being a part of this series, please email or speak to your community manager.

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