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Virtual interviews are one of the many things that have emerged in the digital age. With remote work becoming the norm and technology taking center stage, mastering the virtual interview game is key to leaving a good impression on employers and landing that next gig.

Tackling this fairly new interview process requires us to reinvent skills that work differently outside of traditional face-to-face meetings. Whether you’re a pro with technology or a new user, learning how to navigate the online interview process will help you shine in today’s digital job market.

This guide will arm you with the confidence you need to impress future employers. Join us as we dive into some key virtual interview tips to help you ace your next job interview!

Before the Interview

Presentation is Key

First things first, it’s important to look like you mean business. To convince a potential employer that you’d be a good fit, it is best to show up in a good fit. When it comes to virtual job interviews, it pays to pay close attention to grooming habits and professional attire.

Professional dressed in business casual for her virtual interview.

In a remote interview, taking the time for grooming and nice attire not only gives you a chance to flaunt your personal style, but also shows that you can keep up with how people interact professionally in the digital world and will leave a good impression on potential employers.

Prepare for Common Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview goes beyond dressing to impress.

To ace your interview, it is crucial to research the company beforehand. By familiarizing yourself with the company’s values, mission, and recent accomplishments, you can think of how your answers align with the company’s goals and show your interest in the company long term.

It’s also important to understand how the job requirements and responsibilities best align with your skills, and to make a plan on how to assert that in the interview. This preparation is likely to boost your confidence and impress your potential employer.

Overall, articulate answers showcase your communication abilities, while insightful questions about the company’s future plans or company culture demonstrate critical thinking and genuine interest. This goes a long way in showing what a valuable asset you can be.

Master the Virtual Environment

When preparing for a virtual job interview, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is having a stable internet connection. This helps to reduce the risk of any potential disruptions during the interview. It is also a good idea to test your audio and video equipment beforehand. Check your microphone, camera, and speakers to identify and fix any issues.

Master the virtual environment before your next virtual interview

Next, familiarizing yourself with the video conferencing platform can prevent any mishaps or interruptions during the interview. This preparation also ensures your confidence using features like screen sharing or virtual backgrounds. Remember to prepare the necessary digital documents and/or portfolios – this might include your resume, project ideas, questions, or examples of your work.

When you follow these steps, you will show up to the interview prepared, confident, and ready to showcase your ability to navigate a remote work setting.

Select your Space

Now it’s time to choose the perfect spot for your interview. Choosing a quiet place with good lighting will help you create a polished environment and minimize distractions.

To avoid interruptions during your interview, it is a good idea to give your household a clear heads up about the interview well in advance. This will help create a supportive atmosphere and show your professionalism.

If your household is simply too busy to set aside a good time for your interview, having a backup plan is important. If you cannot find a quiet, reliable place within your home, you may consider opting for a day pass at a local coworking space. These spaces offer quiet conference rooms, and the booking process is typically quick and easy.

During the Interview

Virtual Interview Etiquette

It is important to conduct yourself professionally and pointedly from start to finish.

One of the most important and immediately noticeable aspects to consider is your time management – being on time can make or break the rest of the interview. It is a good idea to log in a few minutes early show to your responsibility and reliability, and to give yourself ample time for any surprises.

The Art of Non-Verbal Communication

During virtual job interviews, cues that are typically easy to catch in person may be lost.

That’s why its it’s a good idea to use receptive body language to show interest, such as looking directly into the camera, maintaining eye contacting, nodding, and smiling. Repeating or asking questions about important information can also indicate your interest and attention.

Additionally, it’s important to be patient and wait for your turn to speak. Nerves are almost always a factor, but it is important to listen attentively and actively before answering questions. Make sure you’re listening to the question in its entirety!

After the Interview

Post-Interview Follow-Up

Lastly, remember that the effort you put into the interview process should be evident even after you press that “end call” button.

After the interview, consider drafting up a formal e-mail where you give your thanks for their time and consideration, your excitement about the position, and where you think you could see yourself best serving the company.

Hoping to ace your virtual interview? In this blog, learn expert tips and tricks on how to prepare for a virtual interview, from setting up your workspace to nailing your responses

Taking this extra step is likely to help you stand out amongst other candidates!


While there are many aspects of virtual interviews that are reminiscent of the traditional process, the digital world adds unique obstacles that are important to consider and address accordingly.

As long as you prepare yourself well, find a quiet and processional space, and put your best foot forward, you are likely to impress the person on the other side of your screen.

At Strive Workspaces, we offer more than just a nice physical workspace – we are a community of professionals who wish to see our clients and members excel in every area.

Check out our other blogs for more career tips, networking tricks, and general information on the coworking world!

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